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Work Conquers All

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Dr. titus odedun

Work Conquers All Book: Autobiography of an eminent gynecologist

I recently finished writing the autobiography of an eminent gynecologist. The title of his book is ‘Labore Omnia Vincit’ in Latin which, in English means ‘Work Conquers All’.

Titus Odedun’s story is for me the very embodiment of that statement. Even more so in his case when he says ‘Ad astra, per aspera’, ‘To the stars through bolts and bars’.

At around 11 years old he started working as a mechanic in Ibadan, Nigeria where his half-brother, wanting to avoid expensive boarding school fees handed him over to a friend fueling his love for cars.

Thankfully his mother put money together and sent him to a decent boarding school where he excelled in all his subjects.

Arriving in Europe at eighteen years of age with only Two Hundred Pounds, his desire for success drove him to start working whilst undertaking his medical studies. Initially in Malta, there was little in terms of part time work, so he worked during summer breaks mostly as a steward in British restaurants and occasionally on board cruise ships around the Mediterranean.

In later years whilst doing the later part of his training in London he took on cleaning jobs in office blocks in Baker Street and Harley Street in London. He recalled how he used to wake up at 5 am to get to his cleaning duties before going to his classes. Ironically, Titus later bought those same office blocks he used to clean as a student.

As a medical doctor, Titus would work as a locum doctor whilst working his normal NHS shifts. Going from his normal sifts to do additional work during any spare time he had in an attempt to keep up mortgage payment on his growing property portfolio especially at a time when mortgage rates climbed up as high as 18%. As a locum doctor, Titus would take on work as a Junior Doctor even when he was a Consultant. He remembers how people thought he was strange taking on those appointments

His commitment to hard word, focus on his dreams and his discipline to put in the effort required, paid off as Titus became a property mogul and multi-millionaire, becoming part of the UK's rich 1% and at one point paying over half a million in taxes. He came to own the building which housed the London Medical Center and which accommodated over one hundred and fifty doctors, the very same building he used to wake up at dawn to clean.

Work Conquers All Book

Titus’ story is one of inspiration that really nothing is impossible if one is focused and ready to put in the effort to bring their dreams to life.

Added to this is the discipline to manage money earned wisely and go without some of things that are not really necessary for our well-being in the short term in order to build for long term gain.

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