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The Doctor who's never had a waiting list

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Doctor titus odedun
Doctor titus odedun

Dr Titus without waiting list

One hears quite frequently of waiting lists in the NHS with patients having to wait for up to eighteen months to have their operation sometimes.

Not for patients of Dr Titus, however. Dr. Titus Odedun made a commitment early in his career when he worked with Keith Rolls who was Senior Lecturer to Sir Roy Calne at Cambridge University and New Market Hospitals. He kept this commitment through to working at Stoke Mandible Hospitals and subsequently at Ormskirk and Southport Hospitals as Consultant and never kept a waiting list

He firmly believed patients should be seen promptly whether on NHS or as private patients.

He ensured his efficient secretary, Debbe typed all patients notes within forty-eight hours and personally dispatched them to patients, their referring General Practitioners or in Medicological cases their solicitors or insurance companies.

When surgery is indicated in hospitals where he held admitting privilege, his patients are promptly sent for and dealt with without fuss or delay.

Dr Titus Odedun has never once kept a waiting list while working within the NHS

In over 25 years of working within the NHS, Dr Odedun has never once kept a waiting list.

Mr. Odedun stated that the top heavy administration is limiting the NHS, undoubtedly one of the top inventions Britain gave to the world.

He added, ‘When I was a medical student there were less than 55,000 managers. By the time I became a consultant there were over a million of them frustrating doctors and lowering morale. Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.’

I call this commitment. More of the likes of Dr. Odedun and the NHS would be in a much better shape.

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