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Doctor receives Award

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

On Sunday 15th December 2019, Dr Titus Odedun received an award at the Gathering of Africa’s Best for his contribution to Health.

Consultant and general surgeon
Consultant and general surgeon

Dr Titus Odedun receiving his award

According to the Founder, Femi Okutubu who also publishes the Trumpet Magazine, the award ceremony was created to counter the negative stereotypes of Africans abroad which are perpetuated by the media. He wanted to provide a platform which recognized and celebrated the positive contributions which Africans across the UK were making to the development of the United Kingdom and the world.

Consultant and general surgeon
Titus with fellow awardee, philanthropist, Adonis Abboud

In his acceptance statement, Dr. Titus Odedun thanked the organizers for honoring him and said he was humbled to be a recipient of the Award. He reiterated his commitment to continue to support the health sector both in the UK and abroad.

Dr. Titus odedun consultant and general surgeon
Dr. Titus odedun consultant and general surgeon

Winners on the night with Founder of the GAB Award and Mrs Okutubu in the center

Other nominees included Philanthropist, Dr Adonis Abboud and inventor and leading gynecologist/obstetrician, Professor Dr Christopher B Lynch.

Dr. Titus odedun consultant and general surgeon
With Managing Director of BEN TV

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