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Dr Odedun celebrates son’s Accreditation

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Titus odedun
Dr. Titus Odedun

Dr. Titus Odedun recently celebrated the Accreditation of his son, Dr Christopher Odedun as a medical consultant in the United Kingdom.

Christopher, who secured a scholarship to Merchant Taylors School at a precocious age went on to become the youngest in his year to finish his GCSEs with straight As in all ten subjects including Latin and Greek. He was then awarded a Harrison scholarship for sixth form which he completed with five straight As. Following competitive entrance examinations and an interview, Christopher was admitted to study pre-clinical medicine at Girton College, Cambridge where he secured his B.A and subsequently his M.A.

He finished along traditional Oxbridge lines- Clinical Medicine at Queen Mary’s College, University of London.

He then embarked on the long tortuous pathway to specialization working his way through mandatory internship, senior house officer, Registrar and Senior Registrar which he completed to become one of Britain’s youngest Consultants.

Doctor Odedun
Doctor Odedun

Titus Odedun celebrated his son’s achievements at a dinner party at the RAC Club in Pall Mall with family and friends. Christopher did all this while also following his passion of being a DJ playing in venues and clubs across London and Europe.

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